Who Was Janusz Korczak?

I really got a lot out of researching Korczak’s life and work. Personal recommendation! Heroic pioneer of modern educational theory, Henryk Goldszmit (who wrote under the pen name Janusz Korzcak) ran an orphanage in the beleaguered Warsaw Ghetto, ultimately accompanying his youthful charges to the gas chambers of Treblinka. Part of the Jewish History @ […]

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Janusz Korczak: Monday Night!

From Betty Jean Lifton’s biography, citing Korczak’s memoirs of his years working in the Jewish Orphanage of Warsaw (How to Love a Child): An eight-year old boy woke with a toothache.  Grabbing Korczak’s hand, he spilled out his anguish: “…then my mother died.  Then I was sent to my grandmother, but she also died.  Then […]

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