Israel ben Eliezer: The Ba’al Shem Tov

Correction: the reference in the lecture was to the Pittsburgh Platform (not the Philadelphia Platform). Even that, however, was a mistake: I was thinking of the 1883 Cincinatti “Trefa Banquet.”    Thank you for the clarification, Menachem!


  1. In the video it says that the Besht was referred to as “Tov” over other Baal Shems because he was a superior amulet maker- they were guaranteed to be more authentic. But, he had the title Tov for many other reason, including being a great leader, teacher, etc.

  2. Everyone has heard of the Baal Shem Tov. He was one of our greatest Gadolim and his name is much known even today. He being the founder of the Chassidis movement shows his leadership, responsibly, and love for the Jewish nation. I remember hearing that his last words to his son were “fear nothing but God”, proving his Yiraas Shammiyam for Hashem, making him loved by all.

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