American Jewish History (Essential Lectures in Jewish History)

Brief overview of the history of Jewish immigration to the United States and demographic developments to the beginning of the 21st century.


3 thoughts on “American Jewish History (Essential Lectures in Jewish History)

  1. Very good presentation and I like the green screen. It should give you many more options. One of the problems facing Jewish immigrants to the USA in the 1880’s through WWI was the poor working and living conditions in America. Not only did friends and families worry about the loss of their loved ones if they immigrated, but they were concerned that America was freedom from religion and Jewish culture. In the documentary, “The Free Voice of Labor: The Jewish Anarchists”, this was a theme that was pointed out through the life stories of sweatshop laborer’s testimony and photos. Many people were very disillusioned with working conditions during the gilded age and did what they could to maintain a cultural identity while rejecting religion.

    If you have not seen the film it is available on YouTube in 6 parts. I first watched it in the 80’s and it’s well worth a watch.

    Your friend,

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