Who Was Janusz Korczak?

I really got a lot out of researching Korczak’s life and work. Personal recommendation!

Heroic pioneer of modern educational theory, Henryk Goldszmit (who wrote under the pen name Janusz Korzcak) ran an orphanage in the beleaguered Warsaw Ghetto, ultimately accompanying his youthful charges to the gas chambers of Treblinka.
Part of the Jewish History @ J series. Free and open to the community as a public service of the Mighty Avenue J Campus of Touro College.

2 thoughts on “Who Was Janusz Korczak?

  1. I think much good would come from including this man’s life in any history class. We could all learn from the love he showed for the children. And I like the idea of King Matt. What we got back in the early sixties was “Lord of the Flies.” While I understand this has some literary value, wouldn’t “King Matt the First” do a lot more to set young feet down a more promising path? Thank you for this very interesting talk.

  2. Hi
    Could you please post the prezi link? Eino Dome listening to the lecture on you tube alone to the experience of following together with the prezi presentation…thanks from Belgium

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