OMG–this is where survival gets very, very difficult. The Jews are besieged from without and within. Without, they are a tiny nation of highly divergent beliefs within the massive, powerful Roman Empire. Within, they are fractured by internal dissent, with multiple ideological movements clamoring for the attention of the larger Jewish population. Some of those movements would be extremely consequential in later Jewish history, such as the early Christian movement.

How will the Jews survive the Roman period, up until the moment of exile in the late first first century? Don’t forget that you can earn points in several ways: 1) by answering the question, 2) by responding to other students’ thoughts on the question, 3) by comparing the situation to today’s society. and 4) commenting on other student’s thoughts. AND–there’s always the possibility of earning Scholarly and Creative Contribution Points, which will become essential life-savers if you have difficulty surviving later Existential Challenges.

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For those of you who survived the Greek Empire, well done. Now the challenge becomes much greater, as the Jewish people fractionate into competing religious and political movements, the Temple in Jerusalem becomes the center of controversy, and they ultimately lose their sovereignty to the Romans. A disastrous exile follows, and an attempted rebellion by the surviving remnant results in horrific persecution. How will the Jews survive this existential challenge?

Instructions: You know the drill–review the Required Survival Gear and peruse the Recommended Survival Gear. I’ve also included a few Survival Artifacts that may come in handy when you proceed to address SURVIVAL CHALLENGE 2: THE ROMAN EMPIRE.

Required Survival Gear

McKechnie on Judaean embassies.pdf

Recommended Survival Gear

Survival Artifacts

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