Okay, survivors, by now you should be getting the hang of things. You have survived three Existential Crises, so hopefully this one should be easier. The Jewish communities along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers had the relative peace and security necessary to create the structures of their future survival, and in particular to create the amazing Babylonian Talmud. No time to relax, though, because things are going to get very tough again, very soon. The Jewish people will face internal dissent with the rise of the Karaite movement, and soon they will come under attack from without as well. What survival lessons can we learn from the Sassanian period?

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The Sassanian Empire was the home to one of the most intellectually productive periods of Jewish history, when communities along the lower Euphrates and Tigris created the massive Babylonian Talmud. Sometimes called “The Constitution of Judaism,” the Talmud built upon the Mishnah to create an all-encompassing world of standard law, while allowing sufficient philosophical and methodological flexibility to adapt to future centuries of Jewish civilization.

Required Survival Gear:

Required Survival Reading:

Excerpts from Sea of Talmud.pdf


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